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Travelneon is a one-stop shop travel website where travellers can compare and find from millions of travel site options everything they need for their trip and book directly with us at the best deals available.

Travel neon:

Travel /ˈtræv.əl/ (verb) - to make a journey, move or go from one place to another.

neon / /ˈniːɒn/ (noun) – very bright, originating from the Greek ‘neos’ meaning ‘something new’.

Our mission is to inspire people to travel, creating a seamless travel booking experience that allows travellers to compare and find the best deals from our comprehensive range of flight, hotel, car hire and activity options.

We partner with some of the best travel companies world-wide to connect travellers directly with the best offers in the travel industry.

Travelneon was founded in 2019, and since then it has operated through strategic alliances with contractors and travel partners from all around the world, having its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Travelneon is part of the CPR Ventures Ltd group.

Travelneon is and will always be free for travellers. We work with our travel partners in different ways, either by them giving us a commission for every booking made through us or for every time travellers visit a partner’s website or by allowing them to advertise on Travelneon.

When making a search on Travelneon, you will be redirected to the website of our travel partner who provides the best range of options available to you according your search criteria. The rest, is up to you!

Travelneon: the new bright way to travel!

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